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Last Thursday's Sale Report

We sold 1758 head on 1/12/2017


Calves and Feeder Cattle
Weights Steers Heifers
300-400# No Test No Test
400-500# No Test No Test
500-600# No Test No Test
600-700# No Test No Test
700-800# No Test No Test
800-900# No Test No Test
900-1000# No Test No Test

Trend On Calves:  = steady on limited test

Trend on Feeder Cattle =  no test



Stock Cows
Bred Cows $900.00 to $1940.00
Cow/Calf Pairs $1000.00 to $1900.00


Butcher Cows
Butcher Cows $55.00 to $64.00 $45.00 to $55.00 $36.00 to $45.00
Butcher Bulls   $70.00 to $83.00 -

Trend on Butcher Cows & Bulls

Cows: steady



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